In principle

In principle Let's stop on it in more detail.

Side between protocultural forms of behavior of children and thatit is possible to call already children's subcultural tradition, there is enough ~that also has many transitional forms.

In principle children's tradition it is possibleto consider as cultural generalization of the sotsialno~psikhologicheskythe experience which has been saved up in children's community throughout long ~Maine from several centuries to several decades and ~bathing in two main forms in the form of steady models ~rovanny behavior and in the form of texts of children's folklore.

Both that and anotherit is transferred from more senior children younger in the course of joint ~myapreprovozhdeniye, communication and group games with rules.

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The second

The second The baby during this period does not address the signals to the particular person, during this period there is no communication.

The second condition this behavior of the adult turned to the child.

The adult from first days of appearance of the child on light addresses with it as if that can join in communication.

The adult talks to the baby and continued looks for any reciprocal sign on which it is possible to judge that the child joined in communication.

Emotional contacts to children at the age of two, three, four months show, what deep delight causes in them tender conversation of the adult person which never from them fed anybody and did not swaddle, but now, having bent down, smiles and gently irons.

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  • … circles °, ° °.If denominators are equal, addition of fractions occurs by simple addition of numerators.The denominator remains.The child remembers fractions , it has also material perception, and arithmetic calculation.With this material it is possible to make uncountable exercises, mastering the account with fractions.For example, the pupil takes a circle, twopiece, and fills it with figures circle quarters.It can leave one half, and instead of the second to put two quarters.Soon he will understand++ ++, and two halves are equal to four quarters The child mentally considers fractions, seeing parts of a circle, and in a condition to express the understanding by means of mathematical record.
  • Getting acquainted with acts of man and experiences, the preschool child is inclined to attribute them and to subjects.It sympathizes with the broken flower or a tree, is indignant with a rain which prevents to walk, is angry on the stone which has struck it.Types of fear.The special place among children's feelings is occupied by rough experiences of fear.Origin of fear occurs more often owing to the wrong education and unreasonable behavior of adults.Cases when adults start to come to despair for the least thin threatenin in their opinion, danger to the child are very typical.
  • During change of diapers blot a wound the wadded ball moistened in alcohol.A diaper put on so that its edge had no on AS the KID FOR the st WEEK MATUREDpochny wound.If you use reusable diapers, try to change them at once after they became wet.It is connected with possible irritation of an umbilical ring from urine influence.Care of a penis Trimming of an extreme flesh, tsirkumtsiziya.If you decided that it is necessary for your son to cut off an extreme flesh, it is better to resort to surgical intervention.Usually operation carry out in hospital, less often the tsirkumtsiziya is carried out during religious ceremonies through short time after return from maternity hospital.
  • , figures settle down in the form of a square., figures settle down to one line.and + b a + b + Zab + ba Material a cube an edge of cm, a cube an edge of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm.Weight and size At the disposal of children always there are many subjects for weighing and measurement.For example, in Children's home pupils used calculating bars for measurement of length.
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