On a small

On a small On a case of poisoning keep in the refrigerator a small bottle with an ipecacuanha syrup a highspeed vomitive.

On a small bottle surely there should be a sticker with the medicine name.

take them in a mouth that is fraught with grave consequences.

If you use radiators or other heating devices, fence off them and make inaccessible to the kid.

Collections of small subjects, such as coins, cockleshells, stones, store in a place inaccessible to the child.

Clean any furniture close to windows.

The child can get on a chair standing near an open window, and to drop out of it.

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Aspiring But, entering preschool age, the child realizes only the fact that it exists, really knowing nothing about itself, about the qualities.

Aspiring to be, as the adult, the child of early age does not consider the real possibilities.

It is rather obviously found in crisis of three years.

There is no still a little reasonable and correct opinion on and at the younger preschool child who simply attributes to itself all positive qualities approved by adults, often at all without knowin in what they consist.

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And as the main

And as the main But such understanding of behavior of the baby not scientifically, it does not prove to be true psychological researches.

The child is yet capable to perceive subjects and their properties, to represent them to itself, to think of them, to expect results of the actions with them.

All this arises gradually during acquaintance with world around.

And as the main means of such acquaintance movements and actions of the baby serve.

In the second half of the year it is possible to observe gradual emergence of the special rough actions directed on inspection of surrounding space and being in it of subjects.

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But all heard

But all heard Fathers in despair I have such clever son, but such malicious, it is pleasant nothing to it.

We endlessly buy to it the toys, all house is filled up by them.

In total uselessly.

Mothers too are alarmed Advise what to do, when the child runs into a hysterics.

It such uneasy.

I cannot any more.

Very seldom it is possible to hear from mother of the newborn I have a wonderful kid, he all the time sleeps.

But all heard parent threats to the crying baby Become silent! Become silent! I to whom speak! Naturally scared child sobs with the doubled force.

Such is the first disagreement of the newborn with the world where it came.

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To children

To children So, in one research studied, as ability to think by means of actions, images and words develops in the preschool childhood.

To children of different preschool age groups offered a series of the rychagovy tasks, being that the child should guess, where it is necessary to turn near to it a lever shoulder to get the picture strengthened on the end of a distant shoulder.

Tasks gave in three types.

In one case it there were the real levers strengthened on a table before the child, and the child could act with them; in the second case the situation was represented on the picture; at last, in the third to the child only told about it.

It appeared that threeyear children correctly solve a problem only in a real situation, late there is a possibility to solve it according to the picture, and still later according to the verbal description.

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,, Game on a floor. Toys

,, Game on a floor. Toys The child skips astride a stick, and during this moment he is a horseback rider, and a stick a horse.

But he cannot imagine a horse in the absence of a subject suitable for jumpin and cannot mentally transform a stick to a horse when does not operate with it.

In game of children of three fouryear age essential value has similarity of a subject deputy to a subject which it replaces.

At children of more advanced age the imagination can lean and on such subjects which are not so similar to the replaced.

,, Game on a floor.

Toys doggie, squirrel, badger, two nested dolls and key.

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Now you will

Now you will The rainbow turned out.

Pink cloudsZaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

day of vacation smoothly passed to another and to school was still oho how many.

Let's return there where we always had time and desire to think, look, wish.

Now you will leave this place and will appear in the wonderful fairy tale, the country, where everywhere pink clouds.

And you run on them, as on a camomile field.

So, we begin.

Approach to a window, open a window leaf and breathe, slowly inhaling air and slowly exhaling it.

Sit down conveniently, and it is possible and to lay down.

Strain all muscles compress all body, as though it one fist.

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  • … circles °, ° °.If denominators are equal, addition of fractions occurs by simple addition of numerators.The denominator remains.The child remembers fractions , it has also material perception, and arithmetic calculation.With this material it is possible to make uncountable exercises, mastering the account with fractions.For example, the pupil takes a circle, twopiece, and fills it with figures circle quarters.It can leave one half, and instead of the second to put two quarters.Soon he will understand++ ++, and two halves are equal to four quarters The child mentally considers fractions, seeing parts of a circle, and in a condition to express the understanding by means of mathematical record.
  • Getting acquainted with acts of man and experiences, the preschool child is inclined to attribute them and to subjects.It sympathizes with the broken flower or a tree, is indignant with a rain which prevents to walk, is angry on the stone which has struck it.Types of fear.The special place among children's feelings is occupied by rough experiences of fear.Origin of fear occurs more often owing to the wrong education and unreasonable behavior of adults.Cases when adults start to come to despair for the least thin threatenin in their opinion, danger to the child are very typical.
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  • , figures settle down in the form of a square., figures settle down to one line.and + b a + b + Zab + ba Material a cube an edge of cm, a cube an edge of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm.Weight and size At the disposal of children always there are many subjects for weighing and measurement.For example, in Children's home pupils used calculating bars for measurement of length.
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