The main events

The main events He sits onthe sledge, having leaned back back, strong resting extended ~ty feet in a forward bend of runners, in hands at it a long rope, bothwhich end are adhered to a front of sledge.

It moves down from the high snowslope.

The main events begin for it during the moment, when a sledge ~ speed.

Then the face of the boy changes, eyes are narrowed, feet still ~it rest against forward rotundity of runners, as in stirrups, it still pain ~ leans back back his left hand compressing in a fist the middle yours ~ache ropes, hardly pulls it as reins, and the right hand, having interceptedsticking out of a fist left a long loop of the same rope, it is passionate ~ it roundabouts as though twists and whistles a lash, under ~driving the horse.

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But there

But there You dishonor me! Whether She will hear sometime in reply You prevent me to develop will and character.

I seem malicious because I try to resist.

As I can well behave, if me bring invictim For someone these words will sound as revelation.

For someone as roughness.

But there is very simple way to achieve from the child of that we want.

It is necessary to force to do it only that is necessary to us.

Then we will lead children force, certainly to the benefit, to the victim.

And here before us the broughtup child.

To operate the child, to suppress it, to force to obedience here a basis of modern education.

We resort to any means, even to violence.

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Three moments

Three moments For children is more senior ~but certain temporary and spatial restrictions are entered,and also ways of control an appearance at a certain o'clock etc.

The researches which have been carried out abroad, showed that to a consent give rise ~pour to release the child to play in a yard of one, depends on many reasons.

Three moments are especially significant whether the playground is well visible from a window,whether the child will hear call of the parent, how fast can go down ~ditel if ~ happens.

It appeared that in the families living on a per ~vy, second, third floor, children, as a rule, use in the relation ~mostoyatelny walks by bigger freedom, than those who lives on the ninth orthe eleventh.

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Let and temporary

Let and temporary To come back home, when the house is not present anybody anybody is means, the relatives, dear people is small stress which to the child should be overcome.

It then it will get used, and it will be endured, and even will probably fall in love to remain without you, and while … While time, both experience, and understanding is necessary to adapt and quietly to accept the loneliness.

Let and temporary … On all explanations of type you understand me …, it is time to me on work … so it is necessary … , I will come soon … children according to nod the head, but in soul – in soul do not understand.

Do not understand.

We can to explain, we can call the weighty reasons why it is time to us to leave, and that we do in other place, but our logical phrases and arguments badly reach small children.

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But what! How many

But what! How many Proverbs – sayings channelize only to yours more often to the fairy tale, general plot, first push.

But what! How many all it is possible ! At seven nurse the child without an eye but it more likely the fairy tale for parents How many a wolf do not feed, he all the same in the wood looks Who is praised, that from the mountain will fall down Old friends and old wine are best In three pines to lose the way … Or in the sea of offenses in which it is possible to drown easily, if not you will notice boats on which side it is written Forgiveness.

Small doggie till an old age a puppy If ifs and ans were pots and pans, mushrooms grew in a mouth well here already and to strain it is not necessary – an image so obvious.

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As the reason

As the reason Game brings up children not only the subject party, that in it is represented.

In the course of the real relationship which is developing concerning game at discussion of the content of game, cast, a game material, etc.

children learn to consider actually interests of the companion, to sympathize with it, to concede, make the contribution to common cause.

Quite often between children there are conflicts concerning these or those moments of the organization or carrying out game.

As the reason of such conflicts the inability to coordinate the plans and actions usually serves.

To the aid in these cases the tutor comes.

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Route control, understanding

Route control, understanding Route control, understanding of, whereand when it is necessary to leave, first completely is in competenceadult.

Children's spatial experiences, from the point of view ofthe adult, happen are extremely strange that is in the distance, sometimesit seems to the younger child not the big subjects seen from far awayand consequently seeming it is less, and really small, toy.

Thisthe fact which has been well described in psychological literature, is connected about a nesfor ~mirovannost at children of a socalled konstantnost of perception of greatness ~ constancy in certain borders perceptions of the size ~that irrespective of distance to it.

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  • , figures settle down in the form of a square., figures settle down to one line.and + b a + b + Zab + ba Material a cube an edge of cm, a cube an edge of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm.Weight and size At the disposal of children always there are many subjects for weighing and measurement.For example, in Children's home pupils used calculating bars for measurement of length.
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