We discussed

We discussed So a question with which it is necessary to deal at first why we react to advertizing temptations.

We discussed the reasons of it in the previous , and here on consequences of your reaction depends, as our beloved children will react children always borrow behavior model parents.

And their habits are put since the early childhood, And the relation correct to advertizing and to all other purchases should be formed initially in the first years of life.

Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

PRACTICAL WORKOption Very good way to escape from an advertizing lawlessness together with the child to learn to think and choose.

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Darwin. The materials

Darwin. The materials As a classical model of selective supervision supervision of expression of emotions at the son, carried out can serve.


The materials received thus were used in the book Expression of emotions at the person and animals Other example work of the Soviet linguist of A.


Gvozdev who within eight years daily fixed speech manifestations of own son and then wrote the book Formation at the child of a grammatical system of Russian The method of supervision is irreplaceable for initial accumulation of the facts.

But he demands a big expense of time and forces.

The researcher is compelled to wait, while interesting his facts of mental life of the child will arise by itself.

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When you in ~to Nosta, the main

When you in ~to Nosta, the main There in you notcould get from the plane, there you could not kill or wound.

When you in ~to Nosta, the main thing to manage to crawl to a staff and there to take cover Nadia.

Here it should be noted that children in the relations with big ~the alny world usually do not go further games with involvement of strangers ~Day, researches of own bravery in external situations, wars withother children's bands and with adults in the form of attacks on their gardens orpunishments of adults for sins against children and the help to vagrant animals.

Idea of the help to other people or obshchestvenno~polezny activity ~timurovsky it is usually introduced adult as by carriers more you ~soky nravstvenno~dukhovny principles.

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After six years

After six years At the age from five till six years children can create to two thousand drawings many times over more than the previous and next years.

Everything becomes the maintenance of drawings at this time that can occur in air, by land and by sea.

At preschool age children are directed on the image of the objective world.

However they do not disregard also fantastic characters.

After six years the stream of drawings at children becomes not such plentiful.

But the graphic repertoire also is very various.

However it is impossible to tell that drawings of all children at the age from five till six years start to abound with a variety of subjects and plots.

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In studying

In studying Result of studying of development of the child is the psychological characteristic.

By its drawing up the tutor should use that classification of the different parties of development which the children's psychology gives.

In studying of children in kindergarten mass methods of inspection of children a method of tests and a sotsiometrichesky method can play a known role.

However their use demands the obligatory management from specialists psychologists.

MAIN REGULARITIES of MENTAL DEVELOPMENT§ A role of biological and social factors in mental development of the child Mental development of children depends on many circumstances.

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Involve them

Involve them When children quarrel, it is not necessary to look for right and guilty.

Try to turn each such situation into a useful lesson.

When you praise one child, do not forget about other.

Find, for what it to praise.

When buy something brand new, do not forget, what children at you two or it is more already.

Involve them in the general games, occupations, interests.

Grant to everyone the right to the personal territory and attention, too the personal.

Keep those house traditions which are especially valuable to children.

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This fight

This fight It loudly began to mew It is my clearin and you leave from here! Eyes its evil shone, the tail voinstvuyushche was shaken here and there.

Dick saw pretty Sallie and indignantly asked And you here I so flogged you yesterday that you thought more and will not rise! Now I will teach a good lesson you! This minute true Tom rushed on Sallie's protection.

It terribly began to mew and jumped on Dick.

This fight was terrible, but not long.

The volume won and was rewarded Sallie's friendship.

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  • … circles °, ° °.If denominators are equal, addition of fractions occurs by simple addition of numerators.The denominator remains.The child remembers fractions , it has also material perception, and arithmetic calculation.With this material it is possible to make uncountable exercises, mastering the account with fractions.For example, the pupil takes a circle, twopiece, and fills it with figures circle quarters.It can leave one half, and instead of the second to put two quarters.Soon he will understand++ ++, and two halves are equal to four quarters The child mentally considers fractions, seeing parts of a circle, and in a condition to express the understanding by means of mathematical record.
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  • , figures settle down in the form of a square., figures settle down to one line.and + b a + b + Zab + ba Material a cube an edge of cm, a cube an edge of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm.Weight and size At the disposal of children always there are many subjects for weighing and measurement.For example, in Children's home pupils used calculating bars for measurement of length.
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