You can think

You can think Or perhaps happens and so, as your child will answer you – here so, on audio recordings and when you will return from work and it with contemporaries where that drives, on a button – both will listen, and becomes on soul well – it is good.

You can think up shifrovanny names, and it is possible to recover that name which you called the child once when it was absolutely – absolutely the kid.

You can compose the general fairy tale how to compose collective fairy tales – about it are slightly lower.

Certainly, if the habit to such communication appears at the child with early childhood.

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Threat of loss

Threat of loss Special experiments open to the politeness losses loudspeaker the child in the situation of threat to success proceeding allegedly from the partner in game.

In experiment two teams, on two children participate in everyone.

On an experiment course to the examinee the success, and to his partner defeat is provided.

Threat of loss of a prize throws into the successful partner confusion, it loses control over itselfhimself and forgets about politeness.

In the first attempt of the partner and the first failure Yura F.


months with hope and empathy Anything still! Or perhaps my Tanya will win prize! In the second unsuccessful attempt How you put As a turtle you creep, Tanka! In the third attempt Well, she competitor will win, Tanka.

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The victory

The victory The major fact with the most serious consequences.

One is handed over at , another at The first place is given that that is handed over for minutes earlier.

The victory depends on what trifles That is why such accuracy in preparation for examination is necessary.

Two children, equally skillful and live, but one thought in advance of good feathers and ink, and the second is not present.

Because of the negligence it can lose an award.

Not the kid, parents buy feathers, but strict judges consider that all should have identical feathers.

Before us sea of the subtleties, capable to confuse judges.

Certainly, it is necessary to judge strictly, but it is not petty.

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He sits in it, as in ~number

He sits in it, as in ~numberThe personal car gives to her owner mass of advantages, first of allindependence and external security.

He sits in it, as in ~number a lodge on wheels.

This lodge is endured as the second corporal I bi stron quickly movin closed from all directions.

Suchthe person sitting inside starts to feel.

But as it usually happens, when we transfer a part of the functions on ~~ having lost it, we feel helpless, ~vimy, insufficient.

The person, got used to go in the car, on ~ to feel it as a turtle the armor.

Without the car on foot orespecially in public transport he feels deprived technical development of public transport trips with adultsproperties which seemed to it the masses, fortresses, speeds, ~shchennost, confidence.

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They are ready

They are ready Now private and on the second board too the category of hundreds, and the rest Again we move boxes and we continue to divide.

That remains right at the end, and is the division rest.

And the result written down on a leaflet the teacher then can check.

Work demands patience and attention, but is very interesting to children.

They are ready to be engaged in it at home in the evenings, alone, the silent game which is not tirin not releasing.

Having practiced in such division, the pupil starts to expect result, without shifting a bead.

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Than better

Than better Forthree the fouryear preschool child beautiful it is a bright, brilliant toy, an elegant suit, etc.

To the advanced preschool age the child starts to catch beauty in rhythm, harmonies of paints and lines, in development of a musical melody, in plasticity of dance.

Strong experiences are caused in the senior preschool child by beauty of the natural phenomena, landscapes, festive processions.

Than better the child is guided in surroundin especially various and difficult there are the reasons generating at it sense of beauty.

Manifestations of feelings.

Essentially change in the preschool childhood and external manifestations of feelings of the child.

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Here my toys. Here

Here my toys. Here Sixyear Andryusha acquaints the adult friend with the bear.


Look, Anton, our room.

And this all mine.

Here my toys.

Here new allterrain vehicle.

Here my favourite bear.

Get acquainted with it.

Hi, the bear told Anton.

Hi the bear Andryushin a voice told.

You, a bear how call My name is the Bear the bear Andryushin a voice told.

Bear and all Anton asked.

Bear and all.

Andryusha was small when I at it appeared.

And he so called me the bear Andryushin a voice told.

On V.


Mukhina's materials.

The great influence on the emotional relation to a toy is rendered by the material invoice.

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