Therefore, the visual

Therefore, the visual It was found out also that children of this age are very sensitive to novelty if near subjects, the child often looks at which J, to place new, differing from them on color or a form, the child, having noticed it, is entirely switched to a new subject, for a long time focuses to it a look.

Therefore, the visual world of the child consists of being replaced impressions which differ among themselves and in one cases appear more, in others less attractive.

The baby does not connect these impressions originally with the subjects located in space a subject shownfrom an unusual place or in unusual situation for example, overturned, acts for it as new.

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This female

This femaleThe female biological role, according to Geodakyan, consists in, that to ~I occur information to perceive, use, keep and transferfurther.

This female task is carried out at biological level ~ choice of the father of future posterity, father as carrier of those qualities,which are worthy preservations and continuations in children.

As give birthfemales, their quantity in population should not fall strongly.

There will be no females there will be no posterity.

Survivability of females is pledge of further prosperitylook therefore the feminine gravitates to dynamic steadily ~ more, than man's, and the female behavior is stabler, more careful, an osmotritel ~it.

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And troubles

And troubles What to do, if.

did not decide I do not remember.

And washed up this floor twicethree times.

Ooh, as I hated it! But once mother added to words about the water shown to a floor one more offer.

Wash along floor boards, instead of across, then it will be pure.

And troubles ended, because I understood, that from me it is required.

And now about the main thing the second option when the child is not torn, does not want and does not wish to clean after itself.

Mother speaks gently Katya, clean toys, be the clear head!Rolling in reply, with amazement And what, I now, whether that, little foolIn total not so, again brothel.

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It is strange

It is strange Their task is extremely delicate.

It is necessary to know biology, physics, chemistry.

The better workers are prepared by similar scientific researches, the quicker and more surely the science develops.

It is strange that from all naturalscience laboratories only in psychological there is no preparation of objects of supervision.

If to suggest the psychologist to employ the laboratory assistant, it will take the person for care of tools and will turn the room into similarity of a physical office.

But to it will not come to mind to prepare a live bein he wants to study whose mental reactions.

And after all the biologist calls the laboratory assistant to observe a cage, a live microbe.

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Place the picture

Place the picture In sight of the child, without sending lamp light to it to eyes, include a lamp, and then switch off it.

Move the included lamp and observe, how eyes of the child move behind it.

Twothree repetitions for once will be enough.

This exercise develops eye muscles and helps to concentrate attention of the child on one subject.


From old magazines take simple, bright pictures.

On them the human face, the sun, a tree can be represented.

Place the picture on inside of a side of a bed.

Slowly move it to an opposite side.

You will notice that the look of the kid will be chained to this picture.

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They do not disappear, no, waves

They do not disappear, no, waves you in it in safety.

he sings lullabies.


From this cocoon as waves, proceed circles; they disperse on all room layers equal, soft.

the gentlepink.



the third.

They do not disappear, no, waves of pink clouds fill with themselves all space.

Pink light fills everything around.

fills in.

everything around is filled in with gentle soft pink light.

Slowly open eyes.


you opened.

You returned, and in soul there were gentle pink clouds, and try to hold this pink light.

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The boy informer. It not meanness

The boy informer. It not meanness You in vain condemn him.

For certain it is simply hungry, he should fight for the existence.

Here aggression sources.

Feed him and will see, what darling it becomes.

The boy informer.

It not meanness of soul.

It is shyness, uncertainty in.

It is fear, constant fear to be mistaken.

The kid looks for teacher's approval concerning each trifle that the nobility, whether correctly it arrives.

As he tells and about everything that friends do it.

He wants to know, whether they are right, and it turns out betrays them.

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  • … circles °, ° °.If denominators are equal, addition of fractions occurs by simple addition of numerators.The denominator remains.The child remembers fractions , it has also material perception, and arithmetic calculation.With this material it is possible to make uncountable exercises, mastering the account with fractions.For example, the pupil takes a circle, twopiece, and fills it with figures circle quarters.It can leave one half, and instead of the second to put two quarters.Soon he will understand++ ++, and two halves are equal to four quarters The child mentally considers fractions, seeing parts of a circle, and in a condition to express the understanding by means of mathematical record.
  • Getting acquainted with acts of man and experiences, the preschool child is inclined to attribute them and to subjects.It sympathizes with the broken flower or a tree, is indignant with a rain which prevents to walk, is angry on the stone which has struck it.Types of fear.The special place among children's feelings is occupied by rough experiences of fear.Origin of fear occurs more often owing to the wrong education and unreasonable behavior of adults.Cases when adults start to come to despair for the least thin threatenin in their opinion, danger to the child are very typical.
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