The decision

The decision So, if to children offer a task on lever use where the direct result of action consistsin otodviganiya from themselves his near shoulder, and indirect in approach distant,' younger preschool children try to move the lever diversely, yet will not find the necessary.

In game where it is necessary to establish a ball on the inclined plane so that it, having dispersed, swept on the certain, in advance set distance, children each time achieve it by tests, place a ball that in one, in other place, will not come across yet the correct decision.

The decision found by tests, children can remember.

But it is necessary to alter a task to enter the lever of other form or to change distance on which the ball as tests begin anew should sweep.

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Always tell

Always tell Some children have a defekatsiya more rare.

The chair can sometimes be times per day, sometimes one.

As a rule, chair nonuniform, yellowish or mustard color.

Change of usual quantity of defekatsiya and character of a chair can testify to an illness of the child.

If it occurred, contact the pediatrist.

Always tell to the doctor if the chair of the kid became watery or contains blood.

I ELYa CHALKAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDMass of a body of the kid of k length of a body of , cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO ITPendant and forward carryings of kangaroo for children Pendant and forward carryings of kangaroo for children are offered parents as remarkable means of rapprochement with the kid.

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But both

But both The psychology studies typical and individual reactions in an individual.

But both sciences consider two aspects of the same phenomenon developments of the person.

The personality and Wednesday two factors, X and , one essence mentalities.

The psychological researches separated from moral rules, nevertheless, if want to receive authentic results, should be based on long supervision that internal activity of the person because in chaos it is easy to commit a mistake managed to be ordered.

In clinical psychiatry or when studying pathologically criminal personality speakLet's observe the patient.

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Soon the child

Soon the child smile.

Soon the child becomes even more socially active, and his smile becomes a fine means of communication with people surrounding it.

Excitement expression You can notice that waiting for some usual actions for it, for example bathing or games, the kid shows excitement.

It can actively move feet and hands, to publish various sounds or to create noise by means of toys.

Sight and hearing development At the child sitting at you on a lap, it is possible to notice visual activity.

Now the prone position on a back associates at it with a dream.

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If the first

If the first The moral shape, but the will trained in an everyday life forces to resist not.

Mother of the family who has been eternally occupied with homework, got used to make every day decisions, has more chances to win moral fight, than the childless lady living in painful idleness, got used in everything to submit to husband's will.

Thus both women can possess similar moral principles.

If the first of them remains the widow, it can continue business of the husband, the second in a similar situation is required the trustee not to be lost.

For the sake of rescue of soul it is necessary to learn not to depend on anybody, except itself, because at the moment of danger you always one.

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It was that

It was that On it the sequence was established.

The person sitting on a tree, from the earth it was visible not.

And he saw everything in total,who went on the road and that becomes in the next yards.

It was that place, whereit is possible to feel the lord of the world.

It was sense of superiority,feeling of own force and courage.

Because on this tree it was difficultto climb the first branches were quite highly over the earth and climbed onlinden only the most dexterous Oksana.

Other example the boy who was the initiator of constructionstaff in branches of a sprawling high tree in a yard of the multystoriedhouses, terribly was proud of that, sitting in staff, it is possible not onlyto see that occurs in apartments on several floors, but also to lookthrough windows at once some programs on another's TVs.

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To them free

To them free The child is involved very much by faces of people, especially its interests a part of the person from a nose tip to the line of hair.

Fading of some reflexes At the kid fading of some reflex reactions begins.

To them free movements come to change.

Movements of hands and feet lose sharpness, abruptness and gain smoothness and rhythm.

Lying on a stomach, the child does timid movements, trying to creep.

In a bed the kid makes a start heels and moves forward until will rest the head against a bed wall.

Also the kid can be rolled from a back sideways and on a stomach, and sometimes, casually, can turn over from a stomach on a back.

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  • … circles °, ° °.If denominators are equal, addition of fractions occurs by simple addition of numerators.The denominator remains.The child remembers fractions , it has also material perception, and arithmetic calculation.With this material it is possible to make uncountable exercises, mastering the account with fractions.For example, the pupil takes a circle, twopiece, and fills it with figures circle quarters.It can leave one half, and instead of the second to put two quarters.Soon he will understand++ ++, and two halves are equal to four quarters The child mentally considers fractions, seeing parts of a circle, and in a condition to express the understanding by means of mathematical record.
  • Getting acquainted with acts of man and experiences, the preschool child is inclined to attribute them and to subjects.It sympathizes with the broken flower or a tree, is indignant with a rain which prevents to walk, is angry on the stone which has struck it.Types of fear.The special place among children's feelings is occupied by rough experiences of fear.Origin of fear occurs more often owing to the wrong education and unreasonable behavior of adults.Cases when adults start to come to despair for the least thin threatenin in their opinion, danger to the child are very typical.
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  • , figures settle down in the form of a square., figures settle down to one line.and + b a + b + Zab + ba Material a cube an edge of cm, a cube an edge of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm, prisms with the square basis the party of cm, height of cm.Weight and size At the disposal of children always there are many subjects for weighing and measurement.For example, in Children's home pupils used calculating bars for measurement of length.
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